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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sebastian a real person?

Sebastian is a fictional character representing the greatest butler that ever lived and no one has ever heard of because does an excellent work for his employer with total discretion.

He symbolizes for all of us at Call Sebastian the best attributes of the traditional old-fashioned butler of loyalty, full-dedication, attention to detail, resourcefulness and discretion combined with the best attributes of the modern XXI century personal assistant, being easy-going, fast, tech-savvy, cosmopoilitan and affordable by anyone.

Does Sebastian support FC Barcelona or Real Madrid?

The staff at Call Sebastian are too busy taking care of your needs around the clock and don’t have almost any time left to follow football or politics. We are extremely respectful, discreet and non-judgmental of all our client´s opinions, views, life style and privacy. We are here to serve and make their lives easier and more enjoyable. Anything else is outside of our attention.

Where does Call Sebastian operate?

We specialize in serving all Barcelona city area. However, if a client needs a special favor outside this area, we´ll do our best to help in whatever we can.

How do I request a service?

Anyway you want. Call Sebastian is reachable by phone, email, website, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram and Skype. Or in person, of course. And we wish there will be soon a technology that will allow you to call us from your living room just by ringing a bell. : )

How expensive is Call Sebastian?

At Call Sebastian you only pay for what you need, when you need it. All services are very reasonable and are fairly priced at market price, or very often well below it due to our volume cost savings and accumulated broader expertise. Call Sebastian is literally affordable by anyone. A luxury available to all.

How I safely pay for your services?

Anyway you want. You could either pay at your location with cash or credit card / debit card with our mobile PoS (Datafono), or on-line with credit or debit card in our secure website, or with a bank transfer.

What happens after Call Sebastian receives a service request?

We will contact you back immediately and schedule all services as soon as we receive your full instructions. Basic services have a standard price per hour or fraction of it. For non-standard services, we ensure you receive a clear quotation and agree to service costs & terms upfront. One of our personal assistants will take the job as soon as possible, usually completing the job the same day on most services. The most basic errands are usually completed the same day within 1-3 hours.

What type of services are you doing?

Anything you may need. Call Sebastian will try our best to accommodate every client request so long as it is morally, legally, and humanly possible.

Is Call Sebastian a Virtual Personal Assistant?

No, we are real assistants leaving our comfortable chairs to do tasks for you outside in the real world. You could always meet up us in person whenever you wish.