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Allow us to make your life easier in Barcelona. Call Sebastian is your personal assistant, provider of local services and problem solver on demand always available to help you with anything you may need. Just one call or message away and consider it done. Servicing all Barcelona city area. We do and manage all services ourselves to assure consistent high quality, convenience, reliability, safety and personal service.

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Need an extra hand? Relax!
You are not alone in Barcelona
Most services and errands, big and small, could be easily delegated to Call Sebastian freeing up your time for you to pursue other more critical or rewarding activities.
Call Sebastian! Allow me!
Call Sebastian is always ready to assist
Easily reachable by your preferred way of communication. We will address your needs with the most personal care and provide you a quick estimate of the service fee.
Consider it done!
We'll get things done for you
Saving you time, headaches and money. Making a difference, big or small, to your life is what makes us feel satisfied and proud of our work.

Personal and personalized service

We will address you and take care of your needs just as a private full-time personal assistant or butler will do. And of course, you could meet us in person any time you wish.

VIP service. Every single time

We will treat you as our best client every single time. You deserve it.

Single and direct point of contact for all your needs

For all your services and errands needs. No need to look for additional service providers each time or deal with a third-party middleman that cannot control the quality of the actual service provided to the end costumer.

Consistent high quality and timely services

Which we achieve by doing and managing the whole service process and execution ourselves.

Professional, discreet and trustworthy

Like you will expect from your own personal assistant or butler. This is our most basic golden rule to all follow in all we do.


Because we manage the whole process so you don´t need to worry for anything and could focus on other more fulfilling activities.

Fair, reasonable and transparent prices affordable for all

At market price or often times well below. For us, fairness is always first because we seek long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

No membership or monthly fees.

Just pay for what you need, when you need it.

Easy to be reached anyway you want

By most popular means: phone, email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Skype, LINE, Telegram or directly through our website. Or better yet, in person.

Multilingual and cosmopolitan

We do our best to communicate in the preferred language of our clients.


Same day execution on most services. Basic errands usually completed within 1-3 hours.

Pay safely by your preferred method of payment

Cash, credit / debit card in either our secured Website or at your location with our mobile TPV, or bank account transfer.

All services executed & managed by our own team

We do and manage all services ourselves to assure consistent high quality, convenience, reliability, safety and personal service.

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Fairness First
All services are reasonable priced and fair, at market price or, most often, well below it due to our volume cost savings and accumulated broader expertise.
Basic services have fixed starting rates such as home cleaning (11.50 €/hour), basic errands (10 €/hour) or electrician / plumber (24.50 €/hour).
Less standard services will require producing a quick budget for pre-approval.
Methods of Payment
All standard methods of payments are accepted: Cash, Credit Card / Debit Card via our secure Website and bank account transfer.
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Home Cleaning
Dog Walking & Pets Care
Mobile Phone Repairs
Shops & Offices Cleaning
Graphic Designers
Laundry & Dry Cleaners
Returns, Refunds and Exchanges
Private Drivers
Tourist Apartments Services
Courier Express
Transportation of
Personal Items
Fresh Flowers Delivery
Home Organization
Private Classes
Shoe Repairs
Trade Show Assistance
Appliance Repairs
Wait in Line for Others
Pick-up Family and
Friends from Airport
Movers and Relocation Services
Printing Services
Shows & Football Tickets
Personal Shopper &
Grocery Shopping
Home Improvements
& Renovations
Clothes Sewing Services
Tour Guides
Home Installations
Basic Office &
Shops Support
Furniture Assembly
IKEA Shopping & Services
Anything Else You May Need